That there hath the past away a glory from the earth when the last true hero and prophet passed marking a time when no one can know their maker and speak voice can never be heard now we sit in silence left to ponder what comes next in a turning world bold and blue. Not the shadow we see in the corner of our eyes stopping us from breathing for just a moment and then we realise this sun rise has come banishing what troubles you, Now, while the birds thus sing a joyous song, sung in trees green that are filled with life reminding me of the forsets were magicl things once existed till we had our way with the world and destroyed them leaving nothing to admire, instead just a pile ash burned fire. The things we need are not as important while iphone repair calgary can be the most important question someone will ask in one day.In a time when stone and brick has begun to grow and cover all those places where nature once ran ramped not place in little spots for our amusement and delight thinking we have kept the natural balance of things that once were instead of really understadning we have only taking a  untamed and unending. And while the young lambs bound to a path intended to make us be more then what we must become in a desert of lies passing with the heat and struggle of a failing dream that life became long ago costing us what we dream for what we desire only in our dire hour.
As to the tabor’s sound, ringing through the land like an echo of something lost long ago to people who lived with purpose strolled in glade and meadows glancing only for a moment before ascending above to the creator.