Oh, the days have passed into the shadow of the end with the tremor of power being sought by those only wanting to bring this world into a state of chaos tossing us all into a being of rising no one could understand. Apparelled in heavenly light coated and riding out the sun, of the … [Read more…]


That there hath the past away a glory from the earth when the last true hero and prophet passed marking a time when no one can know their maker and speak voice can never be heard now we sit in silence left to ponder what comes next in a turning world bold and blue. Not … [Read more…]


The Rainbow appears and runs, in a storm of woes caused by bad judgement and bad beak even but we see circumstances unravel letting ride externally a rival became a normal part of endurance and am I full to deny its arrival will not being prideful. And lovely is the Rose, never reflecting its rise … [Read more…]


Now, while the birds thus sing a joyous song, sung in trees green ans filled with life in a time when stone and brick has begun to grow and cover all those places where nature once ran ramped untamed and unending. And while the young lambs bound to a path intended to make us be … [Read more…]