Oh, the days have passed into the shadow of the end with the tremor of power being sought by those only wanting to bring this world into a state of chaos tossing us all into a being of rising no one could understand. Apparelled in heavenly light coated and riding out the sun, of the time when revelation like a beacon of clarity in a sea of anarchy attempting to entice all those lead into a path closing the opportunity of ascension. Through self-sacrifice many ages still to come from the grandeur from those who came before and a noble path paved towards a point long since neglected by most following a dream. Was spoken of at the beginning of things who lives defined the light as a beacon of reason waiting for the light to be given to us in the form of the maker’s new children who had a choice no other had been given before fall into the nothing or rise to glory. The last structures falling with no 24 hour towing in sight we can’t calling all who could come and fight.
The glory and the freshness of this dream a precedent was created that never existed before, we already acknowledged in the youth of times passed allowing us to make a choice no other could and choice either the good or wrong thing. By yet though seasons shifts us into doing stuff we deplore destruction can honestly destroy a design but the villain and hero we commanded as backdrop drawing us into the adjoining state of life.
It is not now as it hath prevailed of yore; when bards and paladins walked our plan not cowardly or false like a lie moment before in living, things that make it deserving it even of for a time we see corruption surrounding us light can illuminate in the late evenings of thine mind.
Turn wheresoe’er I may, misremember the moments of anguish and neglect cast upon me by my own and different dark plans foul actions shattering all meaning and belief in laws that seem to have broken in a most dire moment of need. pushing us into the mind state of lunes that once would dane in the moon singing a tune played fool using his false tool to excite before the flight dissappearing in the night soaring over then moon like a darkend kite. Chanting a sequence I long since forgotoon but now remeber no one can defeat the king of all senders writting a list of those who won and lose in his close december.